Judge Lubbie Harper, Jr.*
Andrew J. McDonald
Carmen Espinosa*

* Harper has retired and was succeeded by McDonald. Espinosa is awaiting confirmation.

Judge Carmen Espinosa*
Michael R. Sheldon
Christine E. Keller*

*Espinosa succeeded Harper on Appellate Court and is nominated for Supreme Court. Keller was nominated to succeed Espinosa on Appellate Court.

Sybil Richards
Leeland J. Cole-Chu
Anna M. Ficeto
Donna Nelson Heller
Raheem L. Mullins
Maureen McCabe Murphy
Kenneth B. Povodator

SUPERIOR COURT (nominated)
Michael A. Albis
Thomas D. Colin
Melanie L. Cradle
Karen A. Goodrow
Sheila A. Huddleston
Michael P. Kamp
Charles T. Lee
Jason M. Lobo
Shelley A. Marcus
Maurice B. Mosley
Thomas G. Moukawsher
Andrew Roraback
Hope Colleen Seeley
Robyn Stewart Johnson
Anthony D. Truglia, Jr.

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