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By: Georgia Lobb

I was surprised to find my roommate home early from her internship in NYC when I got home last night, so I asked her why she got off early. “The train times are still funky cause of all this Nemo stuff!” She said. “They let me go early so I didn’t have to deal with any possible train delays.”

Ever since we were hit by a snowpocalypse on Friday, transportation statewide has been compromised due to the mass amounts of snow and slush that accumulated over the weekend.

Fairfield Beach during Winter Storm Nemo. Photo by Gabriel Sacco

While we all watched the storm from inside our homes- planes, trains, and automobiles alike were buried in the 1 to 3 feet that covered the Northeast this weekend.

On Saturday, Governor Dannel Malloy mandated a driving ban to keep residents off the treacherous roads. And trust me- you wouldn’t have wanted to drive. Post Road in Fairfield was down to one lane (which is usually four lanes all the way across), and many other roads were untouched by plows until Sunday.

Agence France-Presse of reported that “New York area airports LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy and Newark, which halted all flights during the height of the storm Friday, were expected to resume service shortly. However, listed almost 2,000 cancellations, on top of the 3,000 plus flights scrapped Friday.”

Metro North had to complete revise it’s schedule. Many train routes were cancelled, and some were combined in an effort to keep things running. Regular service did not start back up until this morning.

Connecticut Transit buses were suspended after 6pm on Friday, and some, such as Hartford buses, are still not back into their regular service routes.

Approximately 35,000 people in Connecticut lost power. At my house, pipes froze, leaving us without water for 24 hours.

I can’t help but reflect after all this that both of my semesters this year (my final year of college), were accompanied by a natural disaster. While Nemo was in no way as bad as Sandy was, I have to wonder what Mother Nature has in store for us next.

Fairfield University after Nemo. Photo By Gabriel Sacco

Photos by Gabriel Sacco

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