By: Georgia Lobb

I was scrolling through twitter the other day when I saw that @CNNMoney tweeted this article by Emily Jane Fox, entitled “32 Days Of Rising Gas Prices Comes At Tough Time.”

Photo courtesy of CNNMoney

Apparently the average gas price current is $3.73.

I drove home from Long Island yesterday, where gas prices were in the $3.99-$4.05 range. I was waiting to fuel up in Fairfield, where gas would be slightly less expensive. Even so, gas prices here are crawling steadily up to the $4.00 mark.

Fox writes: “It’s hitting wallets right in the middle of winter, when people are already looking at large home heating bills. And it comes just after many Americans have been hit with smaller paychecks, and are worried about looming budget cuts that could deliver an even deeper blow.”

I can relate to this. Paying utilities for heat during this frigid winter has left me essentially penniless, because my paycheck from my job as a hostess is shrinking every week as fewer and fewer people want to brave the cold to come into the restaurant.

Read the whole article here.

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