By: Georgia Lobb

Eerily following the story we just posted on the deadliest roads in Connecticut for pedestrians, two men were killed in separate incidents that happened on Saturday and Monday.

One accident was on the road that’s been identified as Connecticut’s most dangerous for pedestrians: Post Road. 68- year old Bruce Tabackman was crossing Post Road E in Westport when he was struck by a motor vehicle and killed. Little is known about the incident thus far except that Mr. Tabackman was not using a crosswalk when he was struck.

Early Monday morning, 55 year old Kevin Murphy was killed by an MTA Train at the Norton Heights stop headed for New Haven.

One witness told the Stamford Advocate of the gruesome scene: “There were three covered sections of the person’s body on the track, almost underneath the platform, and the person’s backpack was lying there.”

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