By: Georgia Lobb

Last year, the NYPD issued over 70,000 speeding violations to automobile drivers.

A scary reality about that statistic is that a large percentage those violations took place near or in school zones. Transportation Nation recently published this graph to bring this issue to light:

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The circles represent locations where documented speeding occurred within ¼ of a mile of a school.

“Speeding is alarmingly common near schools,” reports Transportation Nation. “The DOT measured the percentage of vehicles that were speeding when passing NYC schools. Outside three schools, 100 percent of the cars were speeding: P.S. 60 Alice Austen in Staten Island, P.S. 233 Langston Hughes in Brooklyn and P.S. 54 Hillside in Queens.”

The NYPD says that these statistics should serve as a call to action for the installation of more speed cameras near schools.

Next time you’re passing a school zone, remember to ease off the accelerator. It could result in a hefty speeding ticket — or worse, put a student’s life in danger.

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