By: Georgia Lobb

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Today is Easter Sunday- a day to cherish time with your family, enjoy food and drinks, and apparently it’s also a horrible day to travel.

I decided to tag along with my mom to drop my brother off at the airport today, where he was planning to catch a 1PM flight back to Toronto. And even though we left Long Island for Newark Airport at 10:30 AM, my brother still missed his flight. No matter where we turned, the roads seemed to be gridlocked.

Which made me wonder… besides Easter, what are the worst traveling days of the year?

A simple Google search provided me with the following results.

1. The day before Thanksgiving, and the Sunday after it.

2. Summer weekends. I was a little bit surprised by this one at first, but then I reminisced back to when I lived on the Jersey Shore for a summer, and driving to my home at the time in Ridgefield, CT, would take six hours.  USA Today says: “Summer is the busiest travel season, and weekends are the days most in demand. Put the two together, add the occasional weather delay and you have the perfect recipe for a bad travel day.”

3. Christmas

4. July 4th

5. Spring break (mid March).

6. Black Friday

7. Easter!

8. Memorial Day

9. New Year’s Eve

10. Labor Day

If you can, try to stay off the roads and avoid airports on these heavy travel days.

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