By: Georgia Lobb

The federal government recently announced new building standards for structures that were damaged in Superstorm Sandy.

The verdict is to build higher to avoid possible water damage. “Northeast flood zones now have tougher re-building requirements that apply across the board: to houses, businesses and government infrastructure,” according to Transportation Nation.

U>S> Housing Secretary Shaun Donovan and Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood visited the Meadowlands in New Jersey, to announce the new building standards, where the Amtrak electrical plant faces a $25 million lifting and reconstruction project.

Residents of Long Branch, NJ reported being quoted between $25,000-$85,000 to have their houses lifted, depending on the size of the house and height of the lift.

Connecticut citizens are reaching into their pockets, too, to have their homes reconstructed under the new guidelines.

Here’s a picture of a house on Reef Road in Fairfield, which is being lifted and rebuilt.

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