A projection on the side of the Brooklyn Academy of Music yesterday night.

I’d like to divert slightly from our normal transportation topics and highlight some of the thoughtful commentary about running, marathons, and safety that has been published in the last 24 hours or so. I’ve also linked to some powerful accounts of what happened from Connecticut runners who were there.

From “A Connecticut Law Blog” — “[My friends’] resolve to run Boston has been strengthened. Ultimately it is about “giving and receiving the best that humanity has to offer.”

From The Atlantic Wire — “Neither I nor anyone I know was in the blast, or across the street, or down Boylston a ways, or cheering along at mile 21. There’s no need to put myself there, because I wasn’t. And yet, here I am.”

From a New Haven Register reporter watching his brother near the finish line — “For a while … It was a beautiful day. Then, in one shocking instant, everything changed.”

From Quartz — “The right reaction to the Boston Marathon explosions: Remember how unusual they are.”

I’ll add more pieces throughout the day tomorrow.

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