A gun manufacturer says it will move its operations out of the state because of Connecticut’s new firearms restrictions.

PTR Industries in Bristol hasn’t yet chosen a new home, however. PTR, which makes assault-style weapons, put a statement on its website today, saying the legislation passed last week by the General Assembly is fraught with ambiguous definitions, insufficient considerations for the trade and conflicting mandates.

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The company believes the drafting of the bill has unintentionally outlawed the manufacture of the types of guns it makes within the state. PTR employs 50 people at its Bristol facility — it now says it will consider offers it’s had from other states to relocate, and hopes to choose a new site within six weeks, completing the move by the end of this year.

While several manufacturers have previously said they would consider moving, PTR is the first to announce concrete action towards leaving Connecticut. The company says it will hold a press conference once it has definite news about its new location.

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