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March 17, 2014

Dear CT Mirror,

Charles J. Duffy
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Reading the CT Mirror is always enlightening. It is an extraordinarily important – and these days essential – source of information about what’s going on in our state, and in the nation and world.

I was particularly struck by this today, Monday March 17th, when I read the Jacqueline Rabe Thomas article about school choice and magnet schools. This is a major issue here in New London, and one that I have been personally very involved in since the General Assembly authorized the creation of our first two magnet schools in 2007.

In stark contrast to your substantive reporting, this morning our local New London “newspaper,” The Day, had an inner section, front page, “top-of-the-fold” article (a reprint from the Associated Press) about how pit bulls have been given a bad rap.

Thank you for continuing to report “real news.”

Charles J. Duffy is a former lobbyist at Robinson & Cole and now a part-time consultant who works, often for free, on public and private policy initiatives.

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