This is an important year for Connecticut. Not only is there a 3-month legislative session with some real fiscal challenges, but there are also state elections, including for the governor’s seat.

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We asked Mirror readers to send us their thoughts on what the state’s priorities should be. If cuts have to be made, where should they happen? What issues would they like state lawmakers and those running for office to consider? How can we improve the life of our state?

More than two dozen people wrote in with comments and suggestions, and we are pleased to offer them — unvarnished — to a broad audience.

We were impressed with the time and thoughtfulness many took in sharing their concerns. Some people are, frankly, unhappy with our General Assembly for what they think are wrongheaded policies. At least one writer pleaded with legislators to tell us the truth, saying we can handle it. A number of people are worried about education “reform” — the word appearing frequently between “quotes.”

We hope you find these comments, suggestions (and a few rants) as thought-provoking as we did.

Thanks to everyone who wrote. Please continue to send us your thoughts, in either comments to stories or, if you have more on your mind, as an opinion piece.

—Jenifer Frank, CT Mirror editor

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