The 2014 session ends. Election season knocks.

For The Connecticut Mirror, the work does not stop and quality journalism continues to change your work, your business, and for some, your life. Please consider stories from the first four months of the year:

POLITICS: MalloyRowland and following the money in 2014
BUDGET: Connecticut’s looming deficit threatens next year’s tax breaks
HEALTH CARE: How different are for-profit and nonprofit hospitals?
EDUCATION: Can Connecticut afford school choice?
ENVIRONMENT: New analysis pinpoints change on Connecticut’s Long Island shoreline 
WASHINGTON D.C.: Even without challengers, CT lawmakers spend millions ‘campaigning’ 
DATA: The Connecticut Congressional campaign spending explorer 

And hundreds more. Quality information like this remains a valuable commodity as Connecticut heads into the second half of 2014.

On Monday, please support our mission at any of our levels here during our 2014 Spring Support Drive. Join our Publisher’s Circle. If you are a business or an organization, there are ways to support The Mirror at a modest level (please remember we are a nonprofit). For the thousands of nonprofits in the state, especially those in the education and health care sectors, perhaps your first click in the morning is The Mirror.

We appreciate your support for one day to ensure the other 364 meet your public policy needs.

Thank you.

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