Dear Friends,

We want to thank those who have donated during our 2014 CT Mirror Support Drive. We’re halfway home and we hope August will be just as generous.

Three times a year we reach out and ask for your support. It’s the nature of the developing nonprofit news organization business model and for those who have given in the past, we appreciate everything you have offered by way of a tax-deductible donation.

As we enter a critical election season, we hope you see the value in what our award-winning, talented staff produces on a daily basis. This summer, every donation counts as we continue to report, analyze and explain where Connecticut is heading politically in 2014 and beyond.

The Connecticut Mirror is growing. Please consider the following:

The Mirror now has the largest Capitol bureau in Connecticut. This means we have the most journalists covering state government, filling a critical gap in reporting left by staff cuts at other media outlets throughout the state.

The Mirror’s staff has won 16 state, regional and national awards in the last two years for its political, budget, education, health care, environmental and data reporting.

– Our audience is growing. By late August, we expect to surpass the 2013 visitor and page view level.

– Through our syndication model, other media partners in the state republish our content on a daily basis or have access to Mirror content. These media partners cover about 70 percent of the state, meaning Mirror content also appears in other newspapers or on their respective websites.

– Our sponsorships have also increased since 2013, meaning businesses and organizations have realized our influence in the Connecticut media ecosystem. Please click here for our new media kit for sponsors. If your business or organization wishes to support us, please contact me at

There is more, but these highlights demonstrate where The Mirror has come in just five years. Throughout the country, nonprofit news organizations are still searching for the right combination of support and individual donations remain a primary source of funding. We’re mission driven, just like any 501(c)(3), and we thank those individuals who recognize the service we provide as we head into November, 2014, when accurate information remains vital to our democratic process.

Please consider donating online today. On behalf of my Board of Directors and Staff, I thank you for your support.


Brett Orzechowski
The Connecticut Mirror
The Connecticut News Project, Inc.

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