From Ferguson, to New York, to Guantanamo Bay, we have witnessed systematic brutality, oppression, and murder by our government. We have also witnessed the complete unwillingness of the government to hold itself accountable.

Defenders of big government have, predictably, stepped forward to criticize, not the horrific acts of our government, but efforts to bring wrongdoing to light.

It is claimed that revelations of torture committed by our government put Americans at risk. That risk was created when our leaders allowed this uncivilized behavior to take place in the first place.

These acts of brutality, and lack of accountability, is the result of far too many years of two-party rule. The recent torture report, for example, revealed a program of torture carried out by Republicans, ­ but a Democratic administration attempted to delay its revelation and indicated that it will not seek any prosecutions.

In response to systematic racism and murder by police departments, the White House has come up with a committee to study, not how to hold murderers accountable, but why the minority population does not trust the police.

Perhaps it is because the police carry out acts of murder, cover up for fellow officers who have committed horrific acts, and face no penalty for their actions.

The only way we will begin to clean this up is by breaking the two-party duopoly. The
Libertarian Party stands with the oppressed, speaks for those who society cannot hear, and offers hope for those who have given up any belief that the world can improve.

A vote for a Libertarian is a vote against allowing the murderer of Eric Garner to go free, a vote against the warfare state, and a vote against torture.

Wherever a person is brutalized or killed by government, we are with them. Wherever people protest against unjust institutions and systematic racism, we are with them.

Now I ask you to stand with us and help us to fight these depredations.

Joshua Katz, of Westbrook, is a planning commissioner in the town of Westbrook, the chair of the Libertarian Party of Connecticut, and a member of the Libertarian National Committee, the board of the Libertarian Party.

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