The Connecticut News Project Inc., publisher of The Connecticut Mirror, is launching two new companion websites Monday — Trend CT, which will focus on public-interest data, and CT Viewpoints, an opinion forum.

The new sites will work in concert with The Mirror, sharing its mission of explaining complex public issues in the interest of a more informed Connecticut.


Trend CT will offer information-rich charts, graphs, databases, maps and concise narratives to provide insight on state trends, issues, problems and solutions. The site is aimed at decision-makers and engaged citizens alike. Readers will be able to offer comments and discussion.

Two Mirror data editors will scour public sources for meaningful and interesting data on topics ranging from healthcare to the economy, the environment, politics and every other area of public policy. In addition, a network of Connecticut partner organizations that specialize in quality data and its analysis will contribute to the site.

Initial support for Trend CT is being provided by the Hartford Foundation for Public Giving.

“With the increased focus on the use of data for decision-making, the Hartford Foundation has sought to provide residents and nonprofit organizations better access to useful data as illustrated by its 2014 launch of a community indicators project for Greater Hartford,” said Linda J. Kelly, president of the foundation. “This grant recognizes the vital role of independent media to help the public find and understand data and the potential impact on families and communities in Connecticut.”


CT Viewpoints will offer thoughtful commentary and robust discussion of public policy issues vital to the future of the state.

In the past two years the number of opinion pieces submitted to The Connecticut Mirror by public officials, advocacy groups and interested citizens has grown rapidly. CT Viewpoints will bring those voices together in a single forum, separate from news coverage.

CT Viewpoints is the 21st Century evolution of the newspaper Op-Ed page, offering commentary and discussion in both traditional and new forms, including social media and video.

Its purpose remains the same, however — to engage all Connecticut residents in the civic life of the state through thoughtful opinion, vigorous debate and fresh perspectives.

Brett Orzechowski, Publisher

The Connecticut Mirror / The Connecticut News Project

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