I just want to register my disappointment that the Mirror [and CTViewpoints] would actually give a platform to Paul Pescatello concerning GMO foods.

My disappointment stems from the fact that this issue is not an actual debate with two opposing sides as Mr. Pescatello would like to have us think.

Allowing a GMO industry flack to spout off with complete nonsense with many thoroughly debunked talking points about GMOs is really unfortunate. It also further degrades the discourse by pretending to appear legitimate as reasoned “scientific” opposition when he is the exact opposite and actually the one who is egregiously misinformed and irresponsibly  misleading the public.

Just like fracking, GMOs are not a controversial topic. They are categorically toxic and dangerous, just like Mr. Pescatello’s rhetoric.

Some materials people may want to consider borrowing from their local public library:

The GMO Deception ed. Sheldon Krimsky;
Altered Genes Twisted Truth by Steven Druker;
Seeds of Deception by Jeffrey Smith;
Free online report on GMOs Myths and Truths: an evidence-based examination of GMO claims
The second edition of GMO Myths and Truths, co-authored by genetic engineers Dr. John Fagan and Dr. Michael Antoniou and researcher Claire Robinson.
GMO OMG DVD documentary (trailer is below).

Jason Villani is a reference librarian at the New Britain Public Library.

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