The Ahmadiyya Muslim Community of Connecticut wholeheartedly thanks God and the honorable U.S. Rep. Joe Courtney, 2nd District, for graciously inviting Dr. Mohammed Qureshi, our statewide president, as his guest at State of the Union 2016.

We are honored to join the Congressman representing patriotic Muslims for peace who believe in the Messiah Ahmad at President Barack Obama’s historic and final State of the Union address.

In his December Oval Office address, President Obama called on Muslim leaders to speak out against violent interpretations of Islam. As is a hallmark of one of the oldest and largest Islamic organizations in the United States our Ahmadiyya Muslim Community USA swiftly responded. We launched another unifying non-sectarian campaign this time called True Islam sanctioned by the only peace-loving Khalifa of Islam Masroor Ahmad.

We have already received thousands of endorsements of the 11-point drive based on the Holy Quran and Prophet Muhammad to actively combat radicalization and terrorism in all guises while strengthening America’s national security against extremism.

You’re invited to join the jihad against violence at

Our philanthropic pledge is to reach out to and join forces with our fellow Americans of all backgrounds in animating “love for all, hatred for none.”

Zahir Mannan is the press and media coordinator for the Connecticut Chapter of the Baitul Aman House of Peace Mosque.

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