The podium in the House of Representatives in session
The podium during a session of the House of Representatives CTMirror File Photo

This year’s legislative session includes hundreds of bills on a wide range of topics. There are criminal justice reforms that would treat defendants under 21 as juveniles; a measure allowing children with certain medical conditions to use marijuana for palliative purposes; an attempt to address a Hartford-region water-bottling dispute; a requirement that people subject to temporary restraining orders surrender any firearms they have; several proposals aimed at tackling the state’s epidemic of heroin and opioid abuse; an effort to tax large employers that pay low wages; and a measure requiring instructions on calling 911 to be placed on multiline phones, inspired by one legislator’s attempt to reach emergency services at her child’s day care.

Legislators have until midnight May 4 to act on the proposals before the session ends. In some cases, specific bills don’t make it through the process, but pieces of them make it through as parts of other bills.

We’ve designed this tool to help you track bills as they move through the process and see what ultimately becomes law. (This tool doesn’t include all the bills proposed this year, but those we’ve written about as well as other high-profile measures.) You can sort the bills by category or search by keyword.

You can find this tool every day in the “Session 2016” section of The Mirror’s homepage (below the top story), and in the Citizen’s Toolbox on the far right side of the homepage.

Bill Tracker, 2016

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