I oppose the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade agreement better known as the TPP agreement. I believe it will result in even more Americans losing their jobs.

The House of Representatives will vote yes or no on TPP soon. I contacted U.S. Rep. Jim Himes’ office who represents my district. I spoke with a staff member and I specifically asked the lady what the congressman’s decision was on the TPP agreement. Will he vote yes or no? The staff member told me that she does not know at the moment how he will vote.

What does that mean?

In a May 17, 2016 article in the Connecticut Mirror Ana Radelat wrote the following: “Himes hasn’t made up his mind on the final treaty [the TPP trade agreement] which Congress is not likely to vote on until after November’s election.”

It has been a good four months since Ana Radelat’s article was written. Has the congressman decided yet whether he will vote yes or no? If he has not, why? I would like to know how the Congressman will vote — yes or no — on TPP prior to the election. With that information I will be able to make an informed decision on election day.

It is better representative democracy that he informs his constituents before the election  so they will  not be kept  in the  dark.

It is up to the congressman on what he will choose to do. All I am asking is a clear yes or no answer from the congressman on how he will vote on TPP prior to the election and not after it. That will  allow me to vote on an important  issue that I care about.

Michael Treadwell lives in Westport.

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