It’s official: We elected a moron. Instead of great again we’re more moronic than we’ve ever been. And that’s going some.

Step aside James L. Buchanan.

Jump back Andrew Johnson.

Get out of town Warren G. Harding.

Our new guy makes that threesome look downright presidential.

Yes, he’s a moron, but one word, or even 140 characters, hardly do him justice. What else describes him? Let us count the epithets.

He is a twit: a “foolish contemptible person,” as amply revealed by his very own Tweets.

He also is a mountebank: “a quack” or (archaic) “a person who mounted a bench, or platform, in a public place and sold quack medicines, usually attracting an audience by tricks or stories.” This man, after all, can’t get the Congress to pay for his border wall, much less Mexico. And let’s not forget his “university.” Are we “tired of winning” yet?

He is a cad and a bounder: “a man whose behavior is not gentlemanly.”

He’s a flip-flopper of the highest order: “one who makes an abrupt change to an opposite opinion.” This is a man who has in a single breath endorsed a candidate while admitting said endorsement might be a mistake. Then he deleted his Tweets supporting the candidate after he lost. John Kerry, eat your heart out.

He is a peacock: “a vain, strutting person.” He instructs the obsequious members of his cabinet to sing his praises while the cameras are running, a pathetic charade heretofore associated with rulers of countries like North Korea.

He is a whangdoodle: “a person who loudly and angrily complains about things.” He is spitting mad at 3 a.m. about you name it: the media’s reports on the size of his inaugural crowd (which was smaller than Obama’s); his secretary of state’s efforts to forestall war on the Korean peninsula (what was Rex thinking!), and being called a moron.

He is a curmudgeon: “a quarrelsome individual.” He gets into gratuitous spats with the pope, fellow Republicans, athletes, leaders of countries that are longtime allies of the United States, a former American POW, and people struggling to recover from a devastating hurricane.

He is a liar of epic proportions. He insisted Obama was an illegal alien (he actually flipflopped on that whopper after telling it for years). He claims that millions of illegal voters tipped the popular vote to Hilary Clinton, although there is no evidence of that. There are scores upon scores of others. Google it.

He’s an ignoramus: “an ignorant person.” He doesn’t read; he watches TV, and apparently not the History Channel. He issued a Holocaust Remembrance Day statement that didn’t mention Jews. He thought Frederick Douglass was having a good year.

Yes, America, we elected this man, the guy with his thumb on the nuclear button. What did we have to lose? Time will tell.

Would that he were simply a moron.

David Holahan is a freelance writer who lives in East Haddam.

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