Leftists will not initially like me; but Democrats need someone untraditional.

Mark my words.  Progressivism will not survive six more years unless it dramatically changes.  Progressives will not have Donald Trump on any ballot in 2024.  The leftists may see a brief electoral surge based on “odious Trump.” But once he’s out of the picture, leftism will be an electoral disaster.

It already has some disastrous traits.  Leftism brought on Trump.  Outside of a few progressive enclaves, the American public does NOT embrace a leftist agenda.

Leftists who want….

  •  to frame debate on gender/orientation/race/nationality,
  •  to force others to adhere to forced health care,
  •  to reduce wages for marginal (low paid) employees to zero,
  •  to let men into women’s bathrooms and school girls’ locker rooms,
  •  to base policies on race, and
  •  to bankrupt younger workers for the sake of rich retirees

…are destined to alienate those of us in the middle.

Candidates who wish to ENHANCE the Democrat Party can do so long term by standing for bedrock Democrat principles: that big corporations should have their power reduced, that women are enhanced more by market forces than by lawyers, and that individuals flourish when government opens rights without commanding behavior.

I am one candidate who strongly respects those who thoughtfully hold progressive ideals.  The beautiful result is that if elected, I endorse progressives being progressive:

  • your welfare
  • your health care
  • your labor relations
  • your child care
  • your schools (within reason, because child protection is a government function)
  • your retirement regimen

so long as you don’t foist it on others.

The  many Americans (perhaps it’s over 100 million, but 200,000 will do) who adhere to progressive ideals have every right to enact them in municipalities that agree, and even to band municipalities together.  That’s the kind of democracy Jefferson envisioned.  I would LOVE to see an America that allows true progressive enclaves stand side-by side Jeffersonian enclaves. We can all see what eventually engenders more happiness and prosperity.   In the meantime progressives can feel more secure and comforted that they do not have an oppressive “system” weighing against them.

Mark Stewart Greenstein is a candidate for governor.

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