Despite dissatisfaction, committee sends energy bill to the floor

The Energy and Technology Committee Thursday voted to send major energy legislation proposed by Gov.Dannel P. Malloy to the full legislature for consideration, despite widespread dissatisfaction with the bill as it exists now.

The approval came after assurances from committee leadership that the bill – Senate Bill 9, which implements updates to the state’s Comprehensive Energy Strategy – would be considered a work in progress and would need more revision before it’s debated on the floor. It already has already had extensive revision.

Speakers from both parties said they were willing to move the legislation along, but warned they also would vote against it on the floor if changes were not made. “This bill isn’t where I want it to be, but we really don’t have a choice,” said Rep. Jonathan Steinberg, D-Westport, who noted he, like others, was very frustrated with the original bill.

“I don’t feel the bill is ready for prime time,” said Rep. Chris Perone, D-Norwalk. “But I’ll be moving it along.”

Only a handful of committee members voted against the bill.

The chief concern has been changes the legislation makes to the state’s solar incentive programs. Read about those issues here.