The Connecticut income tax is, as it should be, an important subject for the gubernatorial candidates to discuss and to describe their preferences, e.g., repeal, modify, nothing.

One item that is not being discussed is the fact that Connecticut residents — I don’t know how many or much is involved — are able to avoid paying any Connecticut income tax by declaring residency in another state — Florida, for example, that does not have an income tax. The only requirement is that they claim residency in such a state for six months and a day. So for the remaining five months and say 30 days, they can live in Connecticut with no Connecticut income tax liability.

While this is legal it strikes me as being unethical. I’d be in favor of a change to the law that makes these people liable for an income tax based on the time they reside in Connecticut.

I wonder how difficult it would be for the Dept. of Revenue services to find out much income tax is being avoided by those claiming residents elsewhere?

Neville Doherty lives in Harwinton.

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