One of your other readers recently opined the true test of the Trump administration is how much it can deliver; and, the reader proposed a .333 batting average is good in any league. He concluded, however, it is hard to find out what the administration has actually accomplished. I agree.

Within the pervading atmosphere of negative coverage and commentary, it is often difficult to see what the administration has accomplished.

So here’s a partial list of how well Trump has delivered so far:

  • Engineered a historic tax cut that is saving money for 80 per cent of households;
  • Encouraged the economic recovery, lowering unemployment for everyone (including women and minorities) to record lows, while the stock market has boomed since his election;
  • Brought manufacturing jobs back to America;
  • Rebuilt the nation’s military;
  • Presses for secure borders, including cracking down on human trafficking;
  • Recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital (which his predecessors promised to do);
  • Allowed our military to operate effectively against ISIS strongholds, denying terrorists their caliphate;
  • Rolled back anti-business regulations and encouraged our domestic energy sector, while offering tax credits to fund the safe storage of liquefied carbon dioxide underground;
  • Appointed well qualified federal judges (more than 75), including Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominated Judge Kavanaugh whom Clinton’s counsel endorsed as an excellent jurist;
  • Overhauled the Veterans’ Administration to give veterans more care options;
  • Is negotiating more favorable international trade deals, etc.

Putting aside personality issues and Mr. Trump’s inclination toward confrontation — including his “counter-punching” against a barrage of criticism and resistance that began with his election — by my co-reader’s benchmark, the president and his administration have delivered a high batting average on his campaign promises.

Michael Meisel lives in Guilford. 

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