I am writing because I think it is important that we all understand and vote on the questions on the Nov. 6 ballot this year.

No. 1: CT Transportation Revenue Lockbox Amendment is about the creation of a Transportation Lock Box. In 1984, The Connecticut Special Transportation Fund (STF) was established to provide a dedicated fund that would invest in our state transportation system. The CSTF is funded by various motor vehicle and gasoline taxes, as well as a portion of our state sales tax. This lockbox amendment would ensure that state transportation funds be used only for transportation purposes.

A “ YES” vote supports the formation of the lockbox. A “NO” vote allows the state legislature to continue raiding transportation funds for other purposes.

No. 2: Connecticut Legislative Requirements to Transfer State Properties Amendment. Unfortunately, the CT General Assembly currently has the authority to allow the state to sell, swap, or transfer our public lands to developers with only a simple majority of votes in the legislature and without a public hearing!  (Remember the 2012 Haddam Land Swap?) This constitutional amendment would:

A. Require a public hearing to be held prior to any conveyance

B. Require a two-thirds majority vote in the CT legislature to authorize any transfer, sale, or disposal of any land under the control of the state agriculture or environmental protection departments. 

A “Yes” vote on this agrees that public hearings are a must and the legislative vote must be passed with a 2/3 majority in each chamber.

A “No” vote allows our elected officials to make decisions about our state owned lands without our  knowledge or consent.

Vote for transparency! Vote YES on both of these ballot questions!

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