Thirty-nine Connecticut General Assembly candidates, have pledged to vote in 2019 legislative session for the Free and Fair Elections Resolution, which would make Connecticut the sixth state to call for a national convention for the exclusive purpose of proposing a commonsense, nonpartisan U.S. Constitutional amendment on federal campaign finance reform.

In such a hyper-partisan time, the undue influence of money in politics has united state legislative incumbents and challengers from all political parties to agree that our current federal campaign finance system is a disaster for democracy, and that we must fix it.

This is a nonpartisan issue that impacts all others, yet for decades has remained ignored by majorities of both political parties in Congress, which are dependent on the very system requiring change. Congress spends far more time listening to lobbyists and dialing for donors than listening to constituents and legislating on their behalf. History has shown such state resolutions to be the American people’s strongest check on an unresponsive federal government.

The Free and Fair Elections Resolution passed in the CT House in 2015, and the Wolf-PAC CT team is working hard to pass the resolution in both chambers in 2019.

Paul Rubin is Organizing Director for Wolf-PAC CT.

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