I have been very concerned with the takeover of Aetna by CVS and what is “position” on certain drugs for clients might be.

CVS stopped carrying a particular eye drop after having it as one of their brands in prior years. Since I had been using this eye drop as prescribed by my eye surgeon at Westchester Medical Center, I did not wish to change. CVS refused to order it for me.

I canvassed most of the pharmacies in my area and found that each and every one would be able to supply it to me! I went back to CVS and told the local CVS pharmacist of my discovery and was told CVS considered it too “expensive” to offer.

I have since learned that CVS owns the middleman who supplies the pharmacies. I wrote the president of CVS and was told it was only “opinion” that it was too expensive for CVS to offer the eye drops!

I do not believe any druggist or insurance company, for that matter, has the right to prescribe for a patient. If a doctor prescribes a particular medication, the patient should be able to obtain it. I am aware that some generics can have “fillers” which are not similar to the original medication’s and can have an adverse effect.

I am concerned that CVS will cause harm to Aetna clients if they transfer this philosophy
of business to medical care.

Carol Waxman lives in Fairfield.

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