Connecticut is comprised of people from different cultural, racial and ethnic groups. Having a diversity of backgrounds in government has long been recognized as critical to governing effectively because it enables a better understanding of the various constituencies and the formulation of policies that meet their needs. Diversity also fosters better communications with constituents. As importantly, diversity in government allows for a consideration of a wider variety of viewpoints and that consideration may reveal options that otherwise would be overlooked.

Indivisible groups across the state laud Gov. Ned Lamont’s use of best practices in his effort to promote diversity in his administration. Immediately upon election, Gov. Lamont convened several ad hoc committees to recommend best practices for his administration. One such recommendation related to diversity in hiring and he wasted no time in adopting and implementing goals of 50 percent women with a focus on people of color.

To date, Gov. Lamont has now named or retained 27 top staffers, of whom 12 are women.  Moreover, eight are people of color.

Lamont named outgoing Lt. Gov. Nancy Wyman to head the Connecticut Democratic Party.  He named a Latina to be his communications director; an African-American woman to head the critically important Office of Policy and Management.  He named a Latino, Chris Soto, a state representative, to guide him in legislative affairs.

We are incredibly pleased with the determination and speed with which Gov. Lamont is constructing an administration that looks like the people who they will represent and work for.

This single action suggests that the Lamont administration takes its obligation of providing a government of the people, by the people and for the people very seriously. We are very hopeful about the future of the state and look forward to working with the new governor.

Carol Rizzolo, Ph.D., writes on behalf of the following Indivisible groups: Indivisible Greenwich, Indivisible Stamford, CT Shoreline Indivisible, Indivisible CTFarmington Valley Indivisible, Take Action CT-Glastonbury, Indivisible Connecticut District 4 (ICT4), Fairfield Standing United, Democracy First!, Indivisible Orange.

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  1. The current governor of Maine knows nothing about the welfare strapped Somali population around Lewiston, but to his credit, he just OK’s payment of supports for this group and moves on, another politician who is inert and lifeless when it comes to proper management of diverse groups of people. Multiculturism is falsely considered the most wonderful thing about the US, how about diversity in Germany and Sweden? Everything on the up and up thanks to their new diversity? Not! Multiculturism is attributed to a specific group of people, do you know what group I am referring to? Do you know why I have not mentioned what group this is?

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