Plastic bags frequently get caught in trees,

State Rep. Jonathan Steinberg and State Sen. Will Haskell [and  others] would like to introduce a statewide environmental bill in the near future prohibiting grocery stores from distributing plastic bags to their customers. The bill will “…… prohibit use and distribution of single-use plastic bags, promote the use of reusable bags, and establish fees on paper bags.”

Since a bill such as this would affect the entire state, why not let each voter decide for himself or herself in a statewide referendum? If the voters agree that plastic bags will be prohibited, and acquiesce that they will be charged if they choose to use a paper bag, then it becomes law. If they disagree, then it does not become law.

A referendum is an inclusive approach for the voters to decide an important issue.

Michael Treadwell lives in Westport.

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  1. I’m fine with eliminating plastics sourced from crude oil.

    But DO NOT use this as just another revenue source for a government that cannot hold a wiser and tighter rein on our tax dollars.

  2. I really question the capacity of voters to come to a conclusion that is different from their elected representatives. The majority voted these people into office, most of whom approach such topics on the basis of what sounds good and not actually researching the issue. If it fits the ideology, we need think no further on the topic. It does not take long to find research that shows removal of these bags actually results in a whole host of other issues that are equally if not more damaging to the environment. Couple this lead with companies who desire to look socially responsible in the eyes of their consumers and we have a snowball of actions based off of misinformation.

  3. “Important issue…” Really? Are you serious? This state and this country existed just fine for many, many years without plastic bags – and we can do it again! Plastic bags are environmentally unfriendly, cause too much litter, and too often are made from petrochemicals. Paper and cotton/canvas bags are the way to go! Also, how much will a referendum cost the taxpayers?

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