Sen. Matthew Lesser, center, D-Middeltown, stood with advocates and health officials earlier this month in announcing a new push for a public health insurance option in Connecticut.

I am writing in support of Bill 7267 which would provide for a Public Option for Health Care in Connecticut.

For the past six years, I have obtained health insurance through my small employer. My health insurance premiums for a family of four are currently $22,000 per year to Anthem BlueCross BlueShield. I have seen the premiums increase steadily, and at the same time, the coverage has declined. For example, child birth (the most common reason for hospital admittance) used to be just a copay under our BCBS insurance plan, but now policyholders must pay the $2,500 deductible first plus the copay for a childbirth claim.

This is not a welcoming bill for any young family in our state.

Without a doubt, the small businesses in our state and the consumers have been left with the short end of the stick, while the health insurance companies have been laughing their way to the bank due to their net profit growth and share price increases year after year.

By giving consumers a choice between their private for-profit insurance plan and the non-profit public option, this bill will result in increased competition in health insurance in our state, which will ultimately benefit the people of Connecticut.

I look forward to enrolling in the public option in 2020.

Dan Pflug lives in Easton.

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  1. Instead of making people responsible for their own health and then turning around and passing multiple taxes against doctors and hospitals, the democrats that passed these bills, wonder why their healthcare cost and deductibles are high? Currently, I would pay 15,000 for the bronze plan under Obamacare, with a 5000 dollar deductible. That is covering just me and my wife. Now the democrats are wondering why the,cost is so high. To this I say look in the mirror.

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