Housatonic Community College

College consolidation will be damaging to many students, including me. As more students these days make their choice in going to community college to save money and figure out what they want to pursue in their degrees, it will be harder for them to get help from the financial aid department since college consolidation will move everything into one place (more of an unitary system).

When students like me need help with financial aid problems, computer tech issues or any other sort of college related difficulties, we have the opportunity to go to the office(s) that our provided in our school, helping us sorting out the issue. With college consolidation, it will be harder for students to find the right authority to find help if the system is one unitary operation.

Many classes such as writing for law enforcement will no longer be provided at the Housatonic Community College since it is the only college that provides the class in the state of Connecticut. Criminal justice majors like me will have a harder time getting classes for the course if college consolidation becomes a reality.

College consolidation will exterminate every community college’s uniqueness and will make every college become a more difficult unitary system that will not change the expense of college classes, books and or anything else.

Jeffrey Davis lives in Bridgeport.

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