The majority of Connecticut Medicare-eligible residents choose traditional (original) Medicare to obtain major medical services such as doctors, hospitals, skilled nursing facilities, and home health care.

Unlike private Medicare Advantage Plans, traditional Medicare does not impose limited provider networks or prior authorization requirements. While prevention and improving overall health is important, Medicare is critical when we get really sick or injured and we want to go to our hospital of choice. In traditional Medicare, our doctors, not private insurance health plans, make decisions on how, and for how long, to treat us.

Connecticut residents can get unbiased, independent, and personal analysis of all their Medicare options by contacting CHOICES, the Connecticut State Health Insurance Program, a free service for Connecticut residents, at 1-800-994-9422.

Medicare can be complex. If you are denied coverage for Medicare Services, or if your coverage is unfairly reduced, call the Center for Medicare Advocacy at 1-800-262-4414. We are a non-profit law organization in Connecticut with a mission to help beneficiaries obtain fair access to Medicare benefits since 1986.

Attorneys and advocates will assess your case. Services provided by the Center for Medicare Advocacy for Connecticut residents are free of charge.

Judith A. Stein is the Executive Director and Kathleen Holt the Associate Director of the Center for Medicare Advocacy.

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