In response to your February 22 story, “In an evolving economy, lawmakers take roles once played by unions:

Like many Connecticut workers, I struggle to make ends meet for my family, even when working full time. This last year has been a particularly hard time. I started looking for a part-time job to supplement my income, but I was worried that even something part-time would take away precious and needed time with my family. Luckily this fall I found DoorDash.

One reason I chose to be a Dasher was because of the flexibility and independence it offered me. Instead of being tied to a rigid work schedule, I can choose what days and hours I work, and, if life gets hectic, I’m able to take as much time off as I choose, picking back up again as my schedule allows. It’s a relief to be my own boss. I can spend the time I want with my family and still be able to support them. 

Flexibility and independence are key for me. I know from your February 22 story, “In an evolving economy, lawmakers take roles once played by unions” the Connecticut state legislature is considering some new proposals around how to classify gig workers and I hope they take into consideration that most drivers like myself don’t want to be full time employees. I’m a medical records professional in a rehab/long-term care facility, not a DoorDash employee. California went that route and hundreds of part-time workers were laid off or were forced to turn down potential work opportunities. 

Connecticut should not follow California’s example. Slow down, understand what me, and workers like me, need. It’s more important than ever that we let workers pursue options that work for them.  

Nicole Petruzzi lives in Torrington.

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