This time of year, I think of “babies.” Most importantly, because on December 25, many Connecticut citizens will celebrate the divine virgin birth of Jesus the Christ. Secondly, because December 19 is my physical birthday. I am one of Bridgeport Hospital’s miracle babies, having had a 1% likelihood of living and being healthy. Thirdly, because I have experienced the pain of having a child die in my wife’s womb. Fourthly, because of the millions of babies who have been aborted across Connecticut and throughout the United States in recent decades.

Drew Crandall

As a Christ-follower, I am unashamedly pro-life. From the scriptures, it is clear that life begins at conception. To me, it is a disgrace to our state and nation that we have allowed this legalized massacre to continue. We think we are so well-educated and sophisticated compared to pagan cultures that performed child sacrifices, but that’s what we have been doing to the unborn in a less overt, less visible, more sterilized, but no less barbaric way.

The most visceral reaction by women who support abortion is “it’s my body,” but they are dead wrong. That new life (soul) inside a woman’s womb has his or her own DNA; that new life is a separate person made in God’s image. A woman has the awesome opportunity to partner with God in bringing a new life into this world. If a woman is pregnant and does not want the child for whatever the reasons, there are life-saving options such as adoption. Isn’t it crazy that many couples in Connecticut who want to adopt babies often have to go overseas to “buy” them?

From a sheer business standpoint, if I were the captain of a major corporation, I would be fervently pro-life. Why? Even if I didn’t have moral convictions about the sanctity of life, I’d be pro-life because the millions of aborted babies and their offspring represent millions of lost future customers for everything from the cradle to the grave. Food. Clothing. Homes. Health services. Educations. Cars. The list is endless. The millions of babies whom we have aborted could also have been future business leaders and employees; pioneers, inventors, and innovators.

While Connecticut is known to be a very liberal or progressive state, we have a large number of  citizens who are more conservative and pro-life. I encourage them to relentlessly advocate for the unborn in constructive and peaceful ways, to lovingly share pro-life perspectives and point to pro-life resources. For example, the biggest single medical and technological game-changer is the ultrasound machine, which gives mothers and fathers a profound glimpse of how wonderfully the Lord is fashioning new life inside the womb. In reality, every baby is a miracle baby, including you.

Merry Christmas!

Drew Crandall of Vernon is President of Keep In Touch.