Whose recovery is this anyway?

The pandemic shutdowns threw tens of thousands of people out of work in Connecticut. Businesses had to close their doors. Essential workers risked their health for low wages and non-existent benefits. Two years later, house prices have surged, businesses are back open, and there seem to be plenty of jobs – so we should be feeling pretty good, right?

But the inequalities that existed in Connecticut well before the pandemic were only worsened by COVID.

In Their Own Words

Connecticut residents and experts share their perspectives with Untold.

This episode, we’ll hear how the boom in home prices has affected the organizations trying to tackle the affordable housing crisis, and Ryan Martins visits with small business owners around the state to hear how their recovery is going.

Mercy and John talk with Janée Woods Weber, the executive director of CWEALF, the Connecticut Women’s Education and Legal Fund.

Organizations featured in this episode:

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