Gov. Ned Lamont, who was reelected for a second term, carried 45 towns in the 2022 election that Stefanowski had won in 2018, and his margins improved — whether he won or lost — in all but 17 municipalities.

The towns that flipped from Stefanowski to Lamont include Greenwich and many others along the shoreline, as well as many Hartford suburbs.

In Fairfield, Lamont beat Stefanowski by more than 5,600 votes this year, while in 2018, he only beat him by about 1,000 votes. In 18 other towns, Lamont widened his margin by over 1,000 votes. In Glastonbury, where Lamont won by a mere 21 votes in 2018, he won by 3,803 votes in 2022.

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