The United States of America is the best country on planet earth. The U.S. Constitution is the best available framework for a government, and capitalism is the best social experiment known to humankind.

It is our duty to work together as a nation and keep this beautiful country as the shining beacon on the hill, an inspiration for the rest of the world.

Benjamin Franklin once said, “those who would give up essential liberty, to purchase a little temporary safety, deserve neither liberty nor safety.” Life, liberty, and pursuit of happiness are the tenets what make America a great nation. The pursuit of excellence is embedded in our DNA. These principles serve as the scaffold, and it is reinforced by the American ingenuity and entrepreneurship which drives the upward mobility in our society.

This system offers the opportunity to climb the ladder of economic prosperity and morality. American culture nurtures one’s pursuit for excellence and desire for expertise. Individuals with grit will thrive in this culture and millions of others will benefit around the world.

I am concerned, it may be slowly changing, the American dream may be slipping away from young Americans!

I am here to share a different and positive mindset: America is still great, and we must acknowledge the wonderful things in our society. We should not be looking to build back better; we must build forward and build the best.

Our political leaders on both sides, Democrats, and Republicans, are failing us. We are currently walking through a dark tunnel. Our leaders in Washington are unable to comprehend that there is light at the end of the tunnel. Instead, they are only indicating that there was light at the start of the tunnel. Our leaders are trying to bring us back to the path known to them. They are more focused on walking us backwards to the start of the tunnel rather than guiding us through this unfamiliar territory and proving there is brighter light at the end of this tunnel. We need a leader who has the audacity to bring this vision to reality.

The U.S. government must act as a safeguard for its citizens’ interests. The impact of corporate money in politics is eroding public trust in government. It is a common misconception that the U.S. Congress is more concerned with protecting corporate interests than other Americans. As a result, Americans are becoming increasingly resentful of their government. We are losing our ability to comprehend new information and competing thoughts without emotions and preconceptions.

American Society is so captivated by their perceptions that they are losing focus from the realities. We do not want a government for red or blue Americans. We desire a government that works for all Americans. We do not need more regulations from the government, we need a government that adheres to scientific evidence to create a safer society. The U.S. Congress must play its part, set the rules, and let the private industry innovate its way to deliver this future.

We earned respect and gained strength as a nation because we made a series of good policy decisions, we invested in our communities, and respected our citizens. We understand the significance of freedom, and we cherish our freedoms. It is time to fight and protect them.

We must embrace the diversity of our nation, listen to every blue and red voice, respect citizens’ opinion and rebuild an equitable society for the common good. I believe we can do it because we are Americans. If this is possible anywhere in the world, it is possible in The United States of America.

We can achieve this goal only when we bring together our hearts and minds as a nation.

We cannot go back in time, and we have no desire to recreate utopian America. We need a leader who can bring the country together for the common good. We need a leader who can lead us to the future. Democrats and Republicans must collaborate and redefine the policies for all Americans. It is about time we learned from the past and embarked on a journey for a brighter and stronger America.

Khuram Ghumman, MD, MPH is a family physician in East Granby.