Though the state is seeing slight improvements in chronic absenteeism, some test scores and postsecondary preparation, education in Connecticut continues to trail behind pre-pandemic achievement.

On Wednesday, the Department of Education released its annual accountability report, which showed a decline in graduation rates and the average percentage of growth in core subjects in the 2022-23 school year compared to the year prior.

All 12 of the state’s measures remain worse than the 2018-19 academic year.

“Achievement still lacks pre-pandemic levels. Our growth slowed a little bit this past year, and that is something we’re watching and continuing to work on. On-track to high school graduation is at about the lowest levels we have seen in the system, and that is concerning,” said Ajit Gopalakrishnan, the department’s chief performance officer.

The accountability system reports test scores, percentage of growth in English and math, chronic absenteeism, postsecondary preparation, readiness and entrance, whether students are on track to graduate, four- and six-year graduation rates, physical fitness and access to arts.

In 2022-23, Connecticut saw a decline in its English test scores, averaging around 63.9, down from 64.2 in 2021-22 and down from 67.7 in 2018-19. The state’s target is a score of 75. Math and science scores for all students improved from 47.7 to 48.9 and 61.4 to 61.6 respectively.

The growth in English and math scores dropped since the 2021-22 academic year, by over 3 percentage points in English and nearly 4 percentage points in math.

"The purpose of the system is not to name and shame schools and make them feel bad as much as to really use the information as reflective information to make good decisions. The idea of the system is also for us at the state Department of Education to bring support and recognition," Gopalakrishnan said.

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