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Connecticut getting smart on juvenile justice

You don’t teach trigonometry to third graders or spend time helping high school sophomores learn their colors. Educators have always understood that curriculum needs to be appropriate to the student’s development. If the juvenile justice system aims to teach better ways of interacting with the world, the system needs to be built around developmental stages, as several initiatives in Connecticut propose.

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Race, kids, and a path to change

People in juvenile justice sometimes say: “If only we could get rid of poverty and racism, our work would be done.” It’s a recognition that the root causes of the horrible problems at-risk kids face are evils that have been with us for all of human history and show no sign of abating. It’s a statement of resignation. I hate resignation.

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On Independence Day, a reminder that citizens still have power

Connecticut just made a major policy change that will protect kids and reduce crime. You probably didn’t notice. That’s understandable. The Raise the Age campaign that pushed for this legislation didn’t run television commercials or send out mailers. We couldn’t afford them. The reform helped 16- and 17-year-olds in trouble with the law. These kids […]

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Re-fighting battles for children at the legislature

The legislative session that just ended will not go down in history as anyone’s favorite. But Connecticut’s children won some important victories, or I should say: won some important victories, again. The legislature stood by Raise the Age, a reform that moved 16-year-olds to the juvenile justice system on Jan. 1, 2010. Before that, we’d […]