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Decades go by and little changes. America has to do better

On  a rainy day years ago, a 12-year-old boy was visiting his cousin in the south end of Hartford. They were listening to music, playing video games and doing typical pre-teen stuff. In that same building a drug raid took place. The drug dealers broke into the apartment to escape through the back door. The cops ran behind the drug dealers without identifying themselves. The police officers grabbed the kids and assaulted both of them before placing them in handcuffs.

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The Forgotten Cops of 2020

Alberto Cortes Correction officers are often known as the forgotten cop. CO’s are known to walk the toughest beat armed only with keys and a radio and, in Connecticut, outnumbered 96 to 1. In April 2020 nothing has changed. They continue to walk the toughest beat, outnumbered 96 to 1 with key’s and a radio. […]