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Affordable housing approaches must include educators

Recent news that Hartford Mayor Luke Bronin had highlighted the issue of housing and its impact on urban municipalities was extremely encouraging. Moreover, when The Mirror reported that Gov. Ned Lamont sought to incentivize affluent communities to create affordable housing by prioritizing state funding for transportation in those towns, it seemed an appropriate and strategic move. But there is a critical piece missing, one that could both address the problem and also bolster legislation that state leaders overwhelmingly supported last session: teacher diversity. The solution should include Education Commissioner Miguel Cardona’s proposal to create affordable housing for educators, which was part of the legislative package approved by the State Board of Education this month.

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Let’s give Lamont more credit for his work so far

OK, so Ned Lamont isn’t FDR. He hasn’t yet passed 15 bills. His toll and regionalization proposals became toxic issues. Stevie Wonder could see that coming. But he put it out there anyway, largely because our states to the south (New York) and north (Massachusetts) have been able to pull themselves out of fiscal doldrums by adopting the very same strategies.

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Solving CT’s workforce challenge requires focus, collaboration

Amazon’s recent decision to drop Connecticut from its list of potential second headquarters locations was disappointing, but not completely unexpected. As companies expand, they look for business-friendly climates to be sure, but their primary focus is the availability of talent at every level. Amazon saw reason to invest in Connecticut for three distribution centers —which will eventually employ 4,000— but not its headquarters. The reason? Simply put, talent at every level is not what Connecticut has to offer.

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Despite budget woes, Connecticut should continue prison reform

The CTMirror story on the Vera Institute’s tour of Osborn Correctional Institution highlighted the mindset shift that has occurred under Commissioner Scott Semple’s watch, not to mention his progressive efforts to make incarceration an opportunity for true rehabilitation. Those efforts have been negatively impacted by the state’s dire budget situation to be sure, but the hope is that as we confront our immediate crisis we also seize the opportunities to address those factors that led to this scenario.