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Legislators shouldn’t accept free trips from AIPAC

A few weeks ago, three Connecticut state legislators — Sen. Christine Cohen and Reps. Sean Scanlon and Jillian Gilchrest — suddenly appeared in Israel. There was no explanation as to the provenance of this trip; indeed, Cohen and Scanlon (whose districts include my town of Guilford) curiously didn’t post anything about it on their normally buzzing public Facebook pages. I eventually discovered that the tour was funded and led by an arm of the infamous lobbying group, the American Israel Public Affairs Committee (AIPAC).

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It’s time for a People’s Budget — and it’s doable

To close observers of state politics, Gov.  Ned Lamont’s budget proposal was no surprise. More cuts in vital services and investments, but no tax increases for the wealthy. The General Assembly will undoubtedly produce a rather different document, but for now the governor’s budget is still the only game in town. However, progressives might look to Washington for inspiration.

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Another form of gerrymandering in Connecticut

There is much discussion right now about making it easier for Connecticut residents to vote; proposals center around no-excuse absentee voting and early voting in particular. But perhaps just as important is making sure that voters have real choices come Election Day. Connecticut has some of the most arcane ballot access laws in the country, as I found out when I ran for state Senate this past cycle.