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Since when is investing in small business a ‘dumb’ idea?

Governor Lamont’s core policy to combat the spread of COVID-19 has been to shut down Connecticut’s economy at all costs – and it’s clearly not working. Whether it’s Phase 3, Phase 1 or Phase 2A, forming a regional COVID-19 pact with Governors Cuomo and Raimondo, or paying out-of-state consultants $2 million to reopen Connecticut, none of it has worked.

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Connecticut’s mistrust of government is well founded

Most people have a pretty good nose for sniffing out when someone is telling them the truth and when someone is lying to them.  It’s hard-wired into us.  We all have a gut instinct about who we can trust and who we can’t. When you consider the broken campaign promises, misinformation and outright lies about Connecticut’s transportation system, it’s not hard to understand why Gov. Ned Lamont has struggled to pass his signature tolling plan for close to a year now.  Connecticut residents have sniffed him out.  They simply don’t trust his administration anymore — and for good reason.

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There’s nothing radical about transparency

How did Ray Dalio build one of the world’s largest hedge funds and become the 58th richest person in America? By following a set of rules he’d learned through experience to be vital to all of his endeavors. One he calls “Radical Transparency.” In his book, “Principles: Life and Work,” Dalio writes that “Being radically truthful and transparent with your colleagues and expecting your colleagues to be the same with you ensures that important issues are apparent instead of hidden.”