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Lamont abandons his party in his push against university unions

In 1939 Ernest Hemingway published a piece in Esquire entitled “The Snows of Kilimanjaro.” There, he quoted F. Scott Fitzgerald’s earlier remark that “the very rich are different than you and me.”  Hemingway’s retort was “Yes, they have more money.” We live in a state where the very rich have one of their own at the pinnacle of power by way of Gov. Ned Lamont. 

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There is too much state borrowing to benefit private colleges and schools

According to U.S. News and World Report, Yale University is tied for the fourth largest university endowment in the United States at $30.3 billion. The state of Connecticut has borrowed $4.8 billion and sent it to Yale (excluding hospital funding). If one includes past loans the state has taken out at the behest of Yale, many billions more have been borrowed and refinanced. This is an incredibly unfair and inequitable practice during a time when state leadership has adopted austerity towards public education.