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COVID-19 and the underbrush theory. Why Smokey Bear is the problem

The definitive COVID-19 history awaits good data on overall death rates, which will eventually reveal whether the moving average death rate for the 2015-2025 period shows a significant increase around the COVID-19 years (2019-20), within what should otherwise be a gradually rising trend in death-rate in most countries as their populations continue to age.* The “Underbrush Theory,” helps to explain what has happened.

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You can ignore reality and you can deny reality, but you can’t escape Connecticut’s reality.

On January 19, State Senator Osten (D-19th District) published an op-ed in which she states: “There is some very good news happening in Connecticut right now,” and goes on to cite two recent reports from the State Office of Fiscal Analysis and the State Comptroller,1 both of which she claims are “full of good news” about what she calls “Connecticut’s financial rebound.” With all due respect, Senator Osten is clearly missing the forest for a few carefully selected trees, and that is a problem for Connecticut because she is the Chair of the Assembly’s powerful Appropriations Committee.