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It’s time for a fairer work schedule law

Imagine the following scenario: You’re a single parent, working full-time at a big-box store. You return home at the end of a long afternoon shift at work. You cook dinner for your child, sit down to help with homework, and read a book.  As you get your child ready for bed, you get a text at 10 p.m. from your supervisor telling you to report to work the next day at 6 a.m..

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Connecticut’s economy needs a ‘fair workweek’ law

Connecticut must address its low-wage job boom. One key way to do that is by passing a Fair Workweek bill to limit on-call scheduling.
Almost half of all jobs created since the start of the economic recovery have been in low- wage industries, such as retail and fast food service, which pay less and lack the benefits, predictability, and flexibility of jobs past. This makes our families less economically secure, puts a greater strain on state budgets, and makes workers less able to contribute to our economy.

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Support a pro-worker agenda for economic growth

Last Wednesday marked the beginning of the 2018 legislative session in Connecticut, and a new opportunity to steer our state in the right direction. To that end, the Connecticut Working Families Organization released its 2018 legislative agenda, a series of concrete and common sense policy recommendations designed to spur economic growth by empowering workers, reducing inequality, and increasing regional competitiveness. For Connecticut’s economy to grow, we need to create the conditions that make success possible for the vast majority of working class families in our state, just as many of our neighboring states have already done.

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The business lobby, fact and fiction about the Connecticut economy

There’s a stark disconnect between fact and fiction when it comes to our economy in Connecticut, and the Connecticut Business and Industry Association, Connecticut’s largest business lobby, is pushing Republicans to play up the fiction for political gain this November. Should they succeed, Connecticut’s workers — working poor to middle-income families — will be the first to lose.