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We were right about TCI. She should get over it.

People grieve in many ways. But it’s unfortunate that State Rep. Christine Palm used ad hominem attacks last week while relitigating one of 2021’s top policy fights, when her colleagues in the Connecticut General Assembly rejected the Transportation and Climate Initiative (TCI). Representative Palm owes the professionals who work for me at Yankee Institute an […]

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Stepping Connecticut back from the financial abyss

Connecticut residents have grown weary of budgets that both cut services and increase taxes — understandably so. It’s time to bring the oppressive cycle of tax increases, followed by revenue shortfalls, service cuts, and yet more tax increases to an end. But it can only happen if there are structural changes to the way our state does business. Connecticut’s leaders — at both the state and local levels — must work together to prune and reshape a legal and regulatory thicket that is choking Connecticut’s growth, and putting the cost of state government on a steep upward trajectory.