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Why I am a Progressive legislator

On Earth Day, some legislative colleagues and I joined about 40 young environmental activists at Hartford’s Riverfront Plaza for a “Meet Your Legislator” event hosted by the youth-led Sunrise Movement. During the introductions, I described myself as “unapologetically progressive.” To my surprise, the group clapped. One young man said, under his breath, “Thank God.” A young woman said, “At least somebody is!”

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The cancer of the body politic

Last Wednesday, my colleagues and I were sworn in by the Secretary of the State. Because of COVID restrictions, the ceremony was held outside, on the north portico of the State Capitol. Beginning an hour before the swearing-in, a crowd swelled behind a make-shift barrier erected by the Capitol police. Although this crowd did not breach the cordon or storm the Capitol, it was something other than “peaceful,” as it has been described in the press.

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Walking politics — a candidate is educated one front door at a time

As a first-time candidate for office, I entered the summer door-knocking marathon with skepticism. How could a brief encounter on someone’s front step change a mind or solidify a vote? Now, with several months behind me and thousands of doors “hit,” I have learned that the greatest value in door-knocking comes from what you hear, not what you say. It is, in fact, the best way to get to know what’s on people’s minds. And it can help dispel the justifiable suspicion with which many people regard politicians.

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New health care act would wreak havoc on women, children, older adults

The latest healthcare plan to emerge from the U.S. House of Representatives is not merely cynical or short-sighted; it is downright draconian. And, if passed by the Senate and signed into law, the American Health Care Act (AHCA) will wreak havoc – in many cases irreversible – on millions of people in our state. Women, children and older adults – who make up two-thirds of the state’s population – will be harmed the most by this proposal.