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The Post-COVID workplace gives Connecticut huge opportunities

The post-COVID world has made proximity to metro markets and even our towns, where most workplaces exist, a reduced or non-factor, as the working world shifts to norms that will see perhaps 50%+ of workers conduct their daily roles from home offices. Further, the opportunity for those in the state to become employed by firms all over the U.S. is now wide open, with companies recruiting their talent based on where the skilled workers are located, ignoring whether that talent is within a commutable distance to a headquarters or even satellite office. We now need to take full advantage of the changed landscape.

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To reopen my office, I need assurances that it will be safe when I do

My business, just like so many others in Connecticut, has been operating with almost all of my employees working from home.  Some  would like the option of returning to our building, but only if the environment I can provide to them is perceived as safe, let alone actually safe. The reality is that without more complete guidance, as outlined in Reopen CT, from the Lamont Administration it is impossible to commit to my employees that they should feel safe when in my offices.

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Guidelines released by the Reopen Connecticut Task Force miss the mark

On May 9, 2020, a council of Connecticut business leaders, in concert with the Gov. Ned Lamont’s administration, released rules and guidance for the “safe” reopening of workplaces across the state. The processes, principles, and protocols issued by this task force reflect a failure to address some of the most basic needs that the state’s business community (including both employers and employees) desperately requires.

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Connecticut is a lousy place to do business… and that needs to end now

To all Connecticut public officials: I am the owner of a 16-year-old Connecticut business. I am in the trenches every day. I have hundreds of Connecticut-based clients with thousands of employees who live and work all throughout the state. I hear their concerns. I live their issues. I know their issues. I am here to hopefully open your eyes to some realities, not perceptions, about the state when it comes to business.  My broader goal: to influence the way you vote on what are accurately assessed as anti-business bills, as well as influence what new policies or bills you even choose to propose the state implement, which in some cases also sends the strong and real message that the state is anti-business, even when these don’t get to a vote.

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Despite officials’ claims, Connecticut not on positive job-growth trajectory

I read with great concern and disappointment a recent article that appeared in the Sunday Stamford Advocate (and affiliated papers) on 1/8/17 entitled “New Jobs are job No. 1.” As a business owner, business leader and one connected with hundreds of businesses in the state and the region, I can comfortably say that many of the perceptions stated by the various elected officials quoted in this piece are categorically false and demonstrate how out of touch many in elected office in Hartford seem to be.