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Establish a support fund for Connecticut’s working poor and others

Federal and state policy changes have enhanced many assistance programs, which has helped tens of thousands of Connecticut residents. But, others, especially the working poor, are just over income for these programs – yet still in need. That is why Connecticut’s Community Action Agencies propose that the State establish a flexible Client Support Fund, with $5 million of state and/or federal funds, to be administered by the CAAs.

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Getting the help you need, with compassion

When I was growing up, the youngest of four kids in my family in a middle class suburb, I was one of two or three kids in my elementary school grade who received free or reduced-price lunch. This got me to the front of the line every day at lunchtime, provided a hot lunch (or a fluffernutter if I preferred), and meant I didn’t have to carry a lunch to school. No one at school made me feel badly about receiving this benefit; on the contrary, it made me feel special – in a good way! I had no idea my parents were embarrassed by this.